Ordinary Translation

We do ordinary or general translation of any content which doesn’t require a stamp and signature of a sworn translator.

Sworn Translation

Our sworn translators/interpreters in Johannesburg South Africa are competent and qualified to translate all your official documents into the language of your choice, i.e. birth certificates, school certificates, etc…

Web Translation

Web translators cater for language needs of various markets around the globe, there is a dire need for web sites to be translated into preferred languages of clients; as a matter of fact, corporations have maximized profits due to having their websites translated into other languages. Therefore, I urge companies to have their web site content translated into African indigenous languages as well, to cater for markets who are not proficient in European languages.

Court Interpretation

Court interpreters/interpretation in Johannesburg and South African Courts is a highly specialized spectrum of interpretation; we have highly qualified Court interpreters who are conversant with the Court language.

Sign Language Interpretation

Sign language interpreters in Johannesburg South Africa are provided to suite your needs. Physically handicapped persons have the right to express themselves and communicate in a language they understand and are comfortable in. We highly treasure and value physically handicapped persons, by providing sign language interpreters to cater for their language needs.

Consecutive Interpretation

Unlike simultaneous/conference interpretation, this happens when the speaker makes his or her remarks and affords the interpreter an opportunity to interpret; our dedicated team of interpreters are experienced and qualified to engage in this interpretation modus operandi.

Private Court Interpretation tutoring/training

We do not offer certificates; this training is conducted on adhoc basis only, to suit and cater for the needs of individuals who wish to become professional Court interpreters; we also conduct such in house training as a capacity development programme in order to capacitate our in house personnel in becoming professional Court interpreters. We further roll out this programme as part of our social responsibility fulfillment and empowerment of the South African population; therefore, we are inviting society/publics in general especially young people who are interested in becoming Court interpreters to come and attend this programme free of charge, (Ts and Cs apply)…

Whispering Interpretation

Regarded as unethical field of interpretation, which mostly takes place in conferences in instances when there is no provision for sound conferencing equipment; but our interpreters are experienced, trained, and willing to take on tasks of this nature…

Tour guiding Interpretation

Tourists don’t have to struggle in understanding cultures and history of countries they visit, because our interpreters will guide them every step of the way through interpretation, and showing them every tourist attraction site in South Africa and Africa in general.

Telephonic Interpretation

With highly trained personnel in telephone etiquettes, our dedicated interpreters can efficiently conduct interpretation sessions over the phone.

Video Conferencing Interpretation

save money and time by making use of our video conference interpreters to interpret for your business stake holders anytime and anywhere in the world.

Proof Reading

Portuguese, French, Spanish, Swahili, Afrikaans, English proofreaders in Johannesburg South Africa. We do spelling and contextual corrections of errors and mistakes in your own language.

Private Language Tutoring/teaching

Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Swahili lessons in Johannesburg South Africa. We only teach languages privately and no certification is offered, to Government, individual, and private entities in Swahili, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, and our teachers are highly qualified to do so.


Portuguese, Spanish, IsiZulu, French, English, Swahili, Xhosa, Tshivenda, Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, Afrikaans transcribers in Johannesburg. We do oral and written transcription verbatim.

Conference Sound/Interpreters Equipment

Interpreters/translators conference sound equipment in Johannesburg supplied by Ubuntu Translators Pty Ltd. The beauty and success of conference organizing is the provision of quality sound equipment for delegates and interpreters, we have a taller made high quality conferencing sound systems.

Web Designing

Operating a business without a web site is likened to a motor vehicle without a panel of instruments, it is unprofessional and unheard of; our in house web designer is ready for any project of that sort.

Conflict Resolution

We have an in house conflict resolution specialist to resolve any public, individual, and private conflict.

Project Management

We have a highly qualified and experienced project manager for management of all your projects.

English Editing

We have a highly qualified and experienced English newspapers and general article content editor.

Voice Over

Our voice over artists are highly experienced to do any language studio recording in the language of your choice.

Conference Interpretation

The success of any conference involving foreign delegates is to have experienced conference interpreters to assist delegates to voice their deliberations in languages of their choice. Our conference interpreters in Johannesburg are kin to assist you in this regard.

Meeting Minutes Taking

Meetings are an integral part of professional life, this is the reason why it is essential to take minutes of every meeting. Indeed, the role of minutes is very important for participants present and absent during a meeting. Here at “Ubuntu Translators”, we have over 20 minutes taker who are willing to take your meeting minutes at any time. Avoid disappointments and book your minutes taker now.